Pricing your home

There are several benefits of properly pricing your home.

Faster Sale:

  • When your home sells faster, you save carrying costs which include mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance.
  • A quicker sale equals less inconveniences for you.  If you have moved before, you know the energy it takes to prepare for a showing: keeping the home clean, arrangements for pets, children, and altering your lifestyle.
  • Today's home buyer has access to a lot of public information about your home including estimates of your home's value.  Even though it may not be accurate in most cases, it becomes the buyer's perception .
  • Sellers often accept a much lower price at a much later date since that one buyer at a higher price never came, costing you more in time and carrying costs.


More inquiries from realtors and potential buyers:

  • When realtors are excited about a home and its price, they make a special effort to contact all of their potential buyers that meet the criteria of your home. Realtors will know that it is priced properly for the market expecting it to sell soon and encourage their potential buyers to act quickly.  Their excitement level can become contagious!


Better response from advertising and sign calls.

  • Ad calls and sign calls to Realtors or by owners easily turn into showings when price is not a deterrent. The more showings the more likely your home is to sell fast and for market value.
  • Remember that home buyers today are well informed of home values and a serious buyer will not waste the time on a home they perceive or consider to be overpriced.


Higher offers allowing the seller to net more money:

  • When a home is priced right, buyers often fear that they may lose out on a good home.
  • When priced right you are less likely to receive low ball offers.
  • In certain cases if you are priced too aggressively, it can create a multiple offer situation which may yield a higher net sale price.