Property Management

To say the least, we are competent, trustworthy, and a good fit for your property.  Managing a property can be quite a task if you are not experienced. With our Two Companies ~ One Solution concept; we can handle every facet of property management and handle all of your real estate needs in house with one phone call.  Family Owned and Operated, Joe Sabella of Sabella Realty and Jim Sabella of Sabella Builders have joined forces to offer you unprecedented professional services you should expect and deserve for protecting and maximizing your real estate investment. Allowing us to manage and maintain your property comes with many benefits including the fact that you will be teaming with full-time licensed and insured professionals. We believe that it's also important for you to know that we are both long time residents (over 39 years) of Lee County. Over the years, we have developed the tools, knowledge, and skills to assist you with all your real estate needs -- big or small. Our lists of services are many and we are flexible, and affordable. 

A poor choice of a property manager can produce many headaches of its own. We at Sabella Realty and Sabella Builders ensure your headaches now become our headaches, so you can feel confident that your real estate is being looked at with no detail too small to warrant our complete and undivided attention.

Some of the benefits with choosing Sabella Realty to Manage Your Property:


Even though you hire a property management company to distance yourself the from the difficulties of managing a property, communication is our up most importance.  Your property management process with us is well documented from the time your management agreement is signed, to the lease signing, to the day your tenants move out.  Sabella Realty will provide you a custom login username and password that you can use on the Login page of this website.  Here you will find  well-documented  communication with your file.  You will be able to see your monthly statements, account balances and reserves, down to the work request for repairs on your home with a click on our login section.  In addition, all agreements between all parties are uploaded here so you can access them anytime and anywhere.  And please don't forget we are always available by phone or email to answer all your questions and concerns.

The most all Inclusive Comprehensive Marketing Program:

We offer an all-inclusive Comprehensive Marketing Program that has been proven throughout the years for our sale of our homes and we have integrated the same system for our rental clients.  This program consist of a blanket web marketing approach.  Your listing is not only the major social networks and blogs, but it is incorporated into large listing syndication of aprox 150 different websites that are relative to the rental and real estate market.  

Higher quality tenants:

Think of tenant screening as the moat and draw bridge around your castle. It is certainly possible to get a bad tenant out of your home once they are in, but it's a real hassle and you are so much better off never accepting them in the first place. A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants that:

  • Pay on time
  • Rent longer
  • Put less wear and tear on the unit
  • That will generally allow less issues to arise


We will screen every tenant who is 18 years or older on many levels:  Previous evictions, Criminal Background, Credit History, as well as contact up to three previous landlords or management companies if applicable.

Long-term savings:

The vigilance of our property management style will keep your property and the tenants under scrutiny.  This will assure that you'll get the highest return out of both. The money saved by having a dedicated set of eyes and hands keeping repair issues from turning into major expenses and poor tenants from occupying your rental can be significant over time.  We do this through the long list of services that Sabella Realty offers combined with the services that are offered by Sabella Builders; there is no job too big or small, we do it all.